Barbara Chepaitis
Telling the Old Stories, and Making Up the New Ones
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                                   See who you are.  Be what you see.

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     On Prison Planetoid Three, Jaguar Addams and Alex Dzarny use their telepathic skills to make the worst criminals face their deepest fears . . . . .





The Fear Principle   

Jaguar is assigned to work with killer Clare Rilasco, beautiful, deadly, and apparently fearless.    

The Fear of God     

When cult leader Sardis Malocco blows up her sect members she lands on Prison Planetoid 3, and Jaguar must find out if her Apocalypse plans are real.  

Learning Fear     

Jaguar is sent to a home-planet university where she runs into a telekine whose talents might just be more than she can handle.  

There's always been something about the moon, and Jaguar and Alex find out what that something is.  

The Green Memory of Fear   

Jaguar and Alex confront a Greenkeeper, whose psi skills may be more than a match for their own.

                WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE TO COME . . . .