Barbara Chepaitis
Telling the Old Stories, and Making Up the New Ones
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   We live in Upstate New York, and built our house on land surrounded by woods and trails.  We see otters, fox, heron, eagles, swarms of honeybees, and once, I saw a cougar.  Really.  The land here cradles me when I need soothing, and wakes me up when I'm feeling dull.   My novel, SOMETHING UNPREDICTABLE, uses a lot of what I've seen and learned here.   If you've read it you'll probably appreciate these photos even more.
          This is the baby heron that we found in front of our house, the inspiration for my nonfiction book, FEATHERS OF HOPE.
                                                                                                                                                                                     And this is my husband, Steve Sawicki, digging us a pond.  Can you dig it?  He could.
Here's the pond, complete.  With big Heron.  
    Here's Photon waiting for porcupines, Luna looking proud on a hill, and Ziggy enjoying a bone. . . .  
                                                                                       . . . .and here's a hummer, a rainbow, and the small stonehenge that Steve built.   
Check back here for more photos.  I'll keep changing and posting, as suits my whimsy.   And thanks for visiting our home.